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The Process

How do I hold on when all is falling apart around me? I feel so alone, lost and stuck in myself, how do I get out of this? What do I do with all the broken pieces of me? The guilt is killing me, yet I can't let go. What do I do next? Where do I go from here? Click on the yellow bottom below to learn what The Process is and how to find your own process that guides you through life.

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One - Where am I?

Where am I right now physically, to be present within a space. Where am I, emotionally? Where in my body is the expression of my current state?

Two - Feel & Express

The feel the emotions. let it sweep over you, even when it feels overwhelming, cry, scream, express it how every your body feels. Groan if you have to but let yourself feel everything. This might be scary, what if I can not stop? Even this is okay, but allow yourself to deeply feel. It is okay to fall apart. 

Three - Breath

Right now take a deep breath, hold for 15 secs and exhale hold for 15 secs. Repeat 10 times. The great thing about breathing is you can do it anywhere. This simple act of breathing so core to being able to calm down to see beyond how you feel in your current state. Follow this like for a guided breathwork session. 

Four - Understand

With understanding, comes compassion both for ourselves and for others. Understanding brings about kindness, that allows you to be gentle with yourself and the season of your life. Understanding says, I know where I am, I feel how I feel and this is okay. I can be afraid and still move and live. I can do life without all the answers, the next step is enough for now.

Ocean Rocks

Accept & Release

Let it go! Probably one of the hardest things to do, but maybe because we expect to let go just once. The Process involves learning to let go as often as you need it. Take joy in the everyday victories, making conscious breathing a way of life. 

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